Give Designer Look To The Stairwell With Hanging Pictures Decoration

Are you fed up of your blank and dull stairways , then I have some good news for you. It is easy to make your staircase walls lively, young and engaging. If you are short of ideas of what to do with your walls and how to do, then this post will offer you ideas.

To hang frames or any sort of art on any wall is so common. This time do something new and interesting with your stairways.

Black and White Photography: If you are a kind of person who love black and white classical combination, then this theme is for you. Get your black and white photographs out from the closet and place it on the stairway. This is such a universal combo and this decor will Increase the value of your home.

Donna Griffith Photography
Donna Griffith Photography
  • French-Inspired Look (Golden Theme): This piece of art is the ultimate statement for any house. The collection of magnificent artwork in golden frame is adorable. Give a new dimension to your home with golden frames.
French Design
Phoebe Howard Photography
  • Colorful Stairwell: If you are a vibrant kind of person, then you will definitely prefer to see stairways full of colors. Get different bright frames, prints, canvases and artwork regardless of varied size and hang them next to each other. This can be a show stealer decoration.
Vibrant art gallery
Mandarina Studio Photography
  • Art Under the Stairs: If there is a free space under the stairs, then you can transform it into a lovely gallery. Get the shelves job done under the staircase and after that place sculptural art pieces on shelves. You can use shelves for keeping gifts and souvenir as well.
art-collection-under stairs
Remodelista via Martha Stewart

Give new and interesting reasons to love your home more.


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