Transform Your Burned Bulbs Into a Meaningful Piece of Art

Here is my another post on DIY and this time I am going to share an ingenious idea that too without zero investment. Next time you throw your burned bulbs in a bin, let me remind you, you can turn them into a beautiful decorative piece. Now with this new DIY ideas you can bring life into your bulbs and reuse them all over again but now with a different purpose.

Ideas to Repurpose Light Bulbs:

Gold Bulb
Gold Bulb in a Mason Jar

Gold Bulb Decor: Start collecting mini bulbs from your friends and neighbours and paint them gold to create an illuminating decor theme. You can also do some spray and glitter work on the the bulbs. Keep all of them together to give a dramatic look in a mason jar. This is truly a worthy DIY idea to do.

Silver Light Bulb
Silver Light Bulb

Decorate Bulbs for Festive Days: Spread the glue all over the bulb and then do glitter job, until you get desired results. Around the neck of the bulb cover it with a contrasting ribbon bow. And, the final step is to hang your cute creation around the house or in the trees. I genuinely love this DIY idea.


Turn Light Bulbs into a Hanging Vases: Remove filament with the use of twezzer and wire cutters and, then clean burned bulbs. Fill the bulb with water and wildflowers and found flowers. Find a suitable place and hang your bulb vase.

Bulb Lamp
Bulb Lamp

DIY Old Lamp: Do something different with your burned bulbs and lit them up. Take out the small piece of metal from the base, it will also help to desolder it from the wire inside and then clean the bulb. Now, fill bulb with paraffin oil and adjust a wick.

As you know bulbs are fragile, so handle it care before and after DIY.

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