Summer Room Ideas To Turn Your Room Into Cabana

In hot summers are you thinking of going out in cabana? If yes, then how about turning your room into a cabana. I mean, yes, why not it is possible. Tent-like ceilings, plenty of black and white stripes, and playful space is all you need to relax in your room so called cabana.

Wall Art
Wall Art


Be Little Artistic: Bring out your artistic side and give a new life to your walls. Just keep your art, minimal without distracting from the other focal points.

Natural Fibers
Natural Fibers

Bring Natural Fibers in Use: Selection of linens is very important when it comes to giving an outdoor look to your room. For that you have to work on fabric and color. Natural fibers play a crucial role to give an open and outdoor look. Using black and white stripes is an excellent way to give a cabana look, but remember, refrain from overuse of stripes.

Playful Black and White Stripes
Back and White Stripes

Mix and Match: The most important factor to turn your room into a cabana is give a mix and match look to your room. I am not asking you to buy new furniture pieces and place them in your room along with new decor pieces. No need to do that. It is so easy, you just have to look for the matching rugs and decor items in the rest of your house that can go with your room furniture and other things.

Coffee tables
Coffee Tables

Coffee Table: You can use two to three coffee tables or side tables in your room. It will add charm to your room and it will give the illusion of cabana more than a room.


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