Grow Sweet Herbs In Your Garden For The Evening Cocktail Hour

The garden is the only place from where you can get organic herbs, veggies and of course flowers without any doubt. You don’t have to worry about the quality of food and herbs if you are consuming your own garden grown stuff. We all love spending quality evening at the deck or garden after a long hectic day. You can also reap sweet benefits of your garden and can spend memorable time with your friends and family. We all treat ourselves with absinthe and beverages, laid back in the garden and it is surely one of the ways to feel relaxed. But green, fresh herbs can add more value to your drinks and can enhance the taste.

Here are few of the herbs that I knew has to be included in this post.


Basil: It is an essential part of Italian cooking and it is also called as sweet herb. It is practically used to garnish beverages and this herb claims healthy properties as well. In your garden you can also give a little space to lemon basil, spicy bush basil, and African blue basil. Each has distinctive fragrance and taste to add to your drinks. They grow in warm temperature and require direct 6 hours sunlight.

Cocktail Mint gardening
Cocktail Mint Gardening

Mint: Mint has found a way to persist, in gardens and beverages. Despite of the Greek mythology story of mint, we all love it and it is the best herb to add in a glass of beverages, cocktails to refresh and detoxify body. It is very easy to grow herb and all it wants ample of water, water and water.

Now you have a purpose to grow more and more herbs and, enjoy its taste and fragrance in your beverages.


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