Beautify Your Home With Scented Camp Mug Candle

Hi! Here I am again with mesmerizing and easy to do DIY project. Summer days are really long and sitting ideal makes them boring too. Doing DIY in your free time will not only give you fun pieces for your home, but it will also keep you engaged and fill your mind with creativity and imagination.

So, this summers take out your old camp mugs from the cabinets and if you don’t have old mugs, then you can also use a new one.


You Require:
1. Camp Mug
2. Candle Wax
3. String
4. A Button
5. A Pencil
6. Campfire Fragrance Oil


Steps to Follow:
1. Thread your string through the two holes of button and make a knot.
2. Pull tight and snip after measuring the height of the mug.
3. Melt a wax according to the manufacture’s direction.
4. Dip the string into the mug and button into your wax to coat entirely.
5. Once coated, lay it on a paper towel to dry for few minutes.
6. Then, anchor your new wick in the center of the mug. Wrap the excess wick around a pencil balanced on the top of the mug.
7. Melt the rest of the wax and pour in a two of fragrance oil and mix it properly. Pour wax mixture into your camp and let it dry for few hours.
8. Once, the wax is solidified, cut the wick.
9. Lit the camp mug candle and enjoy your evening or keep it as it to flaunt your creativity.


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