Clever Bedroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces You Must Give A Try

Hi lovely people! How was your weekend? Well, last weekend I was sorting out a common small apartment problem. You will agree with me that it is a bedroom which consume large space. Huge cabinets, side tables, set of chairs, book cabintes, tv storage cabinet, I mean, it is very difficult to accommodate every bit of furniture in bedroom. So, last weekend I worked on how to make space in small apartments.

Below are the some clever bedroom storage ideas that you can seriously follow to make out a space for important things:

Domino Magazine, via Stockholm Vitt.
Domino Magazine, via Stockholm Vitt.

Hanging Shelves: To make your room spacious and airy consider hanging shelves up high that run the length of the room. This idea will offer you free floor space and at the same way you will gain a lot of storage space.

From Apartment Therapy's Big Book of Small Cool Spaces..jpg

A Deep Wall-Mounted Shelf: A deep wall-mounted shelf will serve a dual purpose. You can use shelf space to keep stuff and use it as a desk as well.


Cabinets Above The Bed: Don’t worry if your bedroom is congested and you don’t have space to keep your clothes, cosmetics and other stuff in your room. By adding cabinets above the bed will solve your problem.

Light Color Palette.jpg

Light Color Palette and Gauzy Curtains: It is very important to give stress-free and restful look to your small space.Choose neutral and light colors for your small and compact rooms it will give fresh and tidy look to your room. Gauzy curtains for windows are perfect especially for small rooms to give it cozy look. Remember,dark colors and heavy curtains will make your space bulky and suffocated.

If, you are struggling with your small rooms then, surely one of these ideas will work and don’t forget to tell me.


4 thoughts on “Clever Bedroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces You Must Give A Try

  1. I like the idea of the high storage for books, etc. Leaves the floor empty giving the room a bigger look. I also am going with gauzy drapes in my small office/guest room. Makes it look bigger. Good ideas!


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