Outdoor Art Ideas To Turn Your Backyard Into Magical Land

Hi all,, How are you doing? This time I have very interesting idea for your backyard space and I am very much sure that you will love it. This time let your backyard area glow in the dark and make it a magical land.

glowing tress

Things You Require:
Phosphorescent Powder
Choose a Paint Medium

How ?
You can find phosphorescent, powders online or at some craft and art supply stores. It comes in a  variety of colors and particle sizes. Start it with placing 1 part of powder to 5 parts of paint. Gradually pour your paint medium over the powder in your bowl. Carefully stir the mixture. You can add more paint to achieve a thinner consistency. The powder will not dissolve in the paint, so just stir until the mixture is combined and no lumps remain.
Use Your Paint:
Most glow in the dark paints should be used immediately. Depending on your powder/medium combination, your new mix may or may not have shelf life. Therefore only mix what you can use within an hour. If you do want to store your paint, pour it into a sealable container and be sure to stir it well before using it again.

Now paint your backyard logs, paths and under things with this mixture and let your backyard glow from night till dawn.


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