Unique Handmade Decor Ideas To Beautify Garden

Is your garden dull and need a little refreshment? If you are completely clueless on how to upgrade your garden or how to bring fun element in your garden, then don’t feel bad about it. I have rounded up couple of decor ideas for your garden. Let me inform you there is no need to go to the market to buy expensive stuff. Pebbles, rocks and colors are the only required things for handmade decor ideas:

Below are the small handmade garden decoration ideas:

easy-homemade-garden-decorations-stone-art (1).jpg

Start With Rock Footprints
It is true that sometimes the most inspiring and interesting art we find is made up from inexpensive and common things. And, this footprint idea is a perfect example, this might be the perfect for your garden. There is nothing to do with creativity you just have to simply place the rocks together to form unique and look alike footprints. You can create big footprints and baby footprints too. Find a big rock for foot part and then, add five smaller rocks for the five toes and that’s it. Your kids will love this DIY project so, don’t forget to make them a part of this project.


Adorable Butterflies
This is little tricky but worth doing project. Your kids will love stepping butterflies and will play with them all day long. To make stepping butterflies you have to draw the outline of butterfly on the garden. You can experiment with size and color of butterflies. After making the outline find the small rocks and just fix them in the ground as per the outline. Final step is to color the rocks. Ask your kids to color the butterfly rocks and let them play with colors.

Make Cactus Your Friend
If you don’t like cactus because their thorns can be dangerous for your kids and pets, then why don’t you try to make harmless cactus. Yes, you can do that. Look for flat rocks and paint them green and also give some thorn effects with the help of white paint.

You can also give illuminating effect to your garden to know more about this go through  http://bit.ly/1rp7XQN

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