Budget-Friendly DIY Gardening Ideas To Make Your Small Garden Look Awesome

Hi all! I am back again with another interesting post. Don’t you think so that we should behave like a more responsible citizen and do something good to our society and environment. If yes, then what could be better than recycling old, unwanted junk. Yes, you heard it right. Today we will learn about how to recycle old stuff for garden decor. As always, there is no need of hefty cash to buy crafts.

Have a look on these recycling ideas for small garden


Made For Each Other Barrel Planters:
Aren’t they super duper cute? I just love them. It is a very easy project to do. Bring useless barrels in use and drill holes in the bottom so that they can drain water. Now fill bottom of barrels with pebbles and further put soil mixture on the pebbles. Plant succulent and your colorful flowers. You can also add fertiliser. Paint barrels in your favorite colors and do some art work on the barrels and make them the centre of attraction.


Reuse Abandoned Bicycle As A Planter:
If you don’t know what to do with your old bicycle, then do exactly like this with your old bicycle. Repurpose your bicycle and let the flowers bloom on it.

Stump Planters

Turn Your Stumps Into A Planter:
This is my favorite thing to do. I just hate seeing old poor stumps. Planting flowers or shrubs into a stump is the best thing you can do to stumps. We can’t give back life to stumps, but surely we can grow plants on stumps.

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