Make An Entryway Stunning With DIY Bench Projects

I hope you all are doing well! I am sure you will agree with me on one thing which is no matter your entryway is big or small, you can make it impressive. We all have heard of hanging pictures, art and placing decor pieces in an entryway, but how about traditional and modern benches that too made by you. It not only gives you a space to keep things, but also it can be used for resting and chatting.
Have a look on the following DIY entryway benches and try to make one of these and save on your money.

Farmhouse Bench


If you have such kind of piece of furniture and thinking of throwing out of the house then, wait a minute and transform that furniture into a bench. Before you give a new look to the bench I will suggest you to check the durability of bench and if it is weak then replace bench or legs . At the end polish it properly.

Mudroom Bench

Dresser Bench
Dresser Bench

You can too transform your old dresser into a rustic bench.

Easy Shoe Bench

Cabintes Bench
Cabintes Bench

If you are renovating your kitchen and thinking of discarding old cabinets then let me tell you, with the help of fresh color you can place it in frony of entry. You can keep shoes and tiny-winy stuff in cabintes and it will solve dual purpose.


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