Home Makeover Ideas Without Spending A Single Penny

Hi, I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend! I have a new post on home makeover to keep you all buzy this week too. I have rounded up very simple ideas to give a touch of makeover to your home without investing money in even a single thing.

Check out fun loving makover ideas:

Magic Of Quilt:


If you are low on budget and don’t have huge fancy headboard, then don’t worry. I have an idae for you. Yes, just by drapping a quilt over the bed frame you can give a new look to your room as I said, without spending money.

Indoor Plant For To Hide Non-Working Fireplace:


If your fireplace is not in use and you don’t have money to reconstruct it all over again then, stop worrying. A well-flourished indoor plant is what you need to brighten-up that fireplace black hole. Make sure to choose a plant that require minimal sunlight. A fireplace will not only cover some part of fireplace, but it will also add charm and new dimension in a room.

Bracelets As Napkin Rings:

Bracelet Napkin Rings

It is completely alright not to have dozens of new, different and trendy napkin rings. You can bring your old, new various bracelets in use a napkin ring. This time use your bracelets for napkins for a casual table and share this idea with your friends and family.
Hang Photos and Artwork All Together:



Trust me, family pictures hanged together have more impact than single family picture. Arrange most of the family pictures on one wall and do add your favorite artwork. This idea is to bring to create a focal point in your living room or in a bedroom.

I hope you will like my simple home makeovers ideas and don’t forget to post comment/comments.


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