Fantastic Ways To Turn Forks Into Home Accessories

Yes, I know we use fork for winding up spaghetti and other meals, but nowadays forks are remade into unique, creative and handy things that can be used to decor homes and commercial spaces. In this post, you will find amazing things to do with forks and shape them into useful beautifying accessories.

Ideas to use forks as home decor accessories:
Vintage Photo Holders:

Vintage Photo Holder
Vintage Photo Holder

I have seen that people love to use new cutleries and leave their old cutleries in a distressed state. You really don’t have to do much struggle to bend them slightly. You can use these holders for photos, business cards and notes.

Fork Napkin Rings:

Ring Holder
Fork Napkin Rings

So now its time for the real hard work – bending the spoon into a ring. You need to start with the end of the forks so that you can turn it without hitting the tines.Holding a length of 2 inch pipe in the vice, bang the spoon against it with a rubber mallet until its in a semi – ring shape. Don’t look for perfect circles, that really doesn’t matter. As long it held the napkin. Don’t forget to imprint forks with the word”EAT”. You can use a permanent black marker over the imprinted word to make it more visible.
Fork Hooks:

Fork Wall Hooks

This can be a fun to do, all you to do is hammer and curl the forks. Flatten the forks to give them a new dimension and curl them to give a new shape. Curl the edgier version of fork tines for more decorative hooks. Use these fork hooks for storing light-weighted things.

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5 thoughts on “Fantastic Ways To Turn Forks Into Home Accessories

  1. Awesome ideas!! I knew a man once who turned them into the most exquisite man jewellery (bracelets). He had style and creativity, and the personality to go with it. Thanks for the follow too, appreciate it !


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