Bring New Look To Your Home With These Window Treatment Ideas

Hi all! I hope you are doing great to make home a better living space. We all talk about how to decorate home and consider various aspects to bring new life in a home, but I think we always neglect one of the equally important part of our home and that is window. Yes, the window. No matter how well your walls are decorated and how beautiful your flooring is, if your windows are not upgraded. You can give a new definition to your windows through the drapping styles and other things and it will totally transform your rooms. You can do various numbers of experiments with your windows all you need to learn is window treatment ideas.

Here are few:


Contarsting .jpg

If you have done everything to perk-up your living room and still not satisfied, then you definitely need to do something with your windows. Hung curtains with bold contrasting colors. Select vibrant and patterened curtains and give complete look to your living space.

Swing-arm curtains.jpg

If you have double hung or single hung windows, then drape swing-arm windows. Swing-arm curtains are edgy type of curtains and it give differnt look to the room. These type of curtains are not seen much, but they are definitelyan ultimate choice to standout your windows.


Painting on windows is an exceptional way to give an unrealistic treatment to your window. Hang an array of paintings directly in front of window and make your room dramatic and lively.

Stained-glass window

What could be better than stained-glass windows to highlight your room? Stained glass is most commonly thought to belong in historic buildings, such as churches, and libraries. But this beautiful artwork can really be incorporated into any home. Stained-glass windows are one of the best windows to grab attention.

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