Update Your Home Quotient With These Outdoor Tablescape Ideas For Summer

Summer is loved by everyone and we all enjoy outdoor parties, get-togethers, barbeqcues and celebrations with family and friends on the decks, porchs and patios. I believe summers are meant for enjoying life to the fullest with our buddies. In summers we all host lunches, dinners and invite our guests or the other way round. The first and foremost thing we notice is a tablescape. An interesting and beautiful tablescape can be the reason of your guest’s increased appeptite. So, on the next gala event, make sure your tablecape is outstanding.

Here I am throwing light on the some of the creative tablescape ideas for this summer:

Bright Colors Tablescape

neon-green-tablescapeVibrant colors are the second name of summer. We all love to see bright colors especially, after the dull and terrible winter. The first thing you can do to make your table set-up do look young is select lively, bold and happy colors for the mats, table runner, napkins crockery and cutlery. Bright color tablescape will bring happiness and add charm.

Pretty Florals Tablescape

secret-garden-tablescape.jpgFresh flowers on the table is a perfect way to start endless conversation. Keep young flower on the table and let you guests enjoy their meal with the sweet fragrance of flowers. You can choose flowers from your very own gardens or you can buy them from floral market. A beautiful vase of flower can really make a big difference to your tablescape and can impress your guests.

Global Influences Tablescape

tablescape-french-fabricSummer entertaining tends to be casual, so it’s a great time to experiment with global tablescapes such as bohemian, European and China Flair. If you are influenced from any country’s culture, then you can display it on your tablescape. You can also learn more outdoor decorating ideas for your deck, porch or patio.


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