Know How To Make Water Garden In A Backyard

We all have lushgreen gardens in our backyards. And, I am sure you all must be proud owners of your gardens. But have you ever thought of water gardening? Yes, read it right, the water gardening. A serene and alluring water garden relaxes us and it resonates us with a deep inner part of us. Water plants are becoming more common additions to garden nowadays and it adds a value to our homes.

Know how you can make your very own water garden in a water container:

Choose a Water Container
The first step in making a small water garden is deciding on the container. Anything that holds water is perfect. You can purchase a ceramic and plastic containers of 15-20 gallons. They are easily available at many garden centers. If your container have holes they can usually be plugged with inexpensive corks to make a container watertight.

Plants You Need
To create a stable aquatic ecosystem in a water garden is important and for that there are specific types of plants that grows in a water garden and each of them. plays a specific role to support and sustain aquatic life.

There are mainly four categories of water plants that can be included in a water garden to get a perfect balance.

  1. Rooted floating plants; water lilies
  2. Marginal plants
  3. Submerged (oxygenating) plants
  4. Floating Plants

Setting Up Your Water Garden
Above mentioned things are important to make your water garden. Fill container with water, soil and fertilizer. Add these plants, sit back and watch them growing. Place it in the middle of the backyard so it creates a focal point and make sure it receives six to seven hours of sunshine.


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