Bring Newness In The Kitchen This Summer With DIY Acrylic Serving Board

Hi! I hope you all are enjoying every bit of summer outdside the house as well as indside the house. The best way to feel the summer is incorporate the summer vibes in the house. It is a crime to stuck in the cooler month home decor in a warm weather. Get out of the old decor zone and make your kitchen the most stylish and summery with help of this idea

DIY Acrylic Serving Board

Bright colors brighten-up the space even more in summers. Give your kitchen a treat of vibrant arcylic serving board. What could be the better option for serving board than hot orange color?

Things You Need:

Thick arcylic sheet 2.200
Poster board
2*4 wood board
Spray paint for plastic(orange or any color)
Clear spray seale


Power saw
How TO DO:

Create & Trace A Template

Draw template.jpg

Create a template by drawing of your choice cutting board shape onto poster board and cut it out. Trace the template onto the sheet of acrylic. It’s suggested to line the template up with the edges of the acrylic.

Cut The Shape

trace template.jpg
Cut out the traced shape with the help of skill saw. To create finely straight edges, use a small board as a straight edge guide for the saw. Clamp the board onto to the acrylic parallel to the edge you’ll be cutting. Sand down the cut edges with sand paper only.


Paint.jpgPeel back one side of the protective film, and spray with minimum 2-3 coats of spray paint. Let it dry and seal with a clear sealer. Finally, peel back the top film and you’re ready to use it for serving delicious snacks! You can also go through this unusual DIY project to decor home Fantastic Ways To Turn Forks Into Home Accessories.


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