Make Your Home Inviting and Warm With These Entryway Decor Ideas

Hi all! You all must be enjoying the warm sunshine and nailing some worthy home projects. I have a new project for you guys to accomplish this summer. You all know an entryway is the very first place of the home where your guest can sense your entire home decor and ambience. It’s true a decked-up entryway is much more inviting and vibrant than plain entryway. Sprucing up an entryway is very easy and it takes minimal effort as well.
So, say bye to boring or lifeless entryway and fill life with these entryway decor ideas.




A beautiful rug not only clearly defines the entryway area, but it also makes an entryway appealing. Shop for rug that suits your home interior. Remember, don’t shop too colored and plain rugs. Keep it in between. Don’t place anything on the rug, treat it as a decor item.

Comfortable Seating


A comfortable seating is very much important in an entryway. The moment person enters home, he or she looks for space to sit and relax. Thus, make sure you own a comfortable and adorable seating.

A Fancy Mirror


I just love big fancy mirrors in an entryway. Nothing can replace this decor piece. Big mirror leaves a positive impact on guests and make them happy. If mirror is perfectly placed on the wall it also helps to make your space look bigger.

A Lively Wall



Paintings, grid of family pictures, collage and murals are decor pieces that you can use to make your entryway look impressive. You can choose anything to make your entryway wall special. Sometimes overdo also works so, you can give it a try.



A sufficient light is very important to make your entry space look spacious and brighter. It is the only perfect lighting that makes your decor to highlight. Uplights, table lamps and chandelier are the best sourcing options for lights.

Storage Space

A storage space or multi-function furniture item is very much needed in an entryway. An unusual storage piece creates a focal point and on the other hand guests can keep their belongings over it.
I hope you liked my entryway decorating ideas and do let me know your thoughts.

Don’t forget to leave comment/comments.


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