Classy Bohemian Outdoor Ideas

Hi everyone! I hope you are having great week. So what are your plans for this weekend as it is about to come. We all love basking in the warm and happy temperature and I am sure this weekend you will do the same. Relaxing along with family and friends is delightful and memeorable, but trust me if your outdoor space has vibrant theme then this can turn as the best weekend. All you need to do is get rid of subtle outdoor decor and add bohemian flair to your outdoor space.
Here are few ideas to turn oudoor into bohemian place.



There is no room for traditional lighting when you are talking about bohemian theme. Lanterns are perefct choice for bohemian feel! Lovely when hung or simply placed around your space, lanterns soften the mood and tone down the vibe. A laid-back accent for outdoor relaxing, everybody loves soft lighting.



If you want to have hippie-chic backyard decor, then an easy way to spruce up your backyard and your garden is with the use of succulents. Place them all around your furniture area, on logs, on the ground, or anywhere to liven up your area with simple greens.

Morrocan Poufs

PoufsA simple addition that can make a large impact, the leather Moroccan pouf screams bohemian. Place it in front of your outdoor furniture for extra comfort or on the side to stack books and add an extra splash of color.

Printed Rug

printed rug

For an instant vibe change of your space, add an outdoor rug. Boho lovers enjoy artsy, ethnic prints and loud colors that brighten up space, their decor and, yes, even their backyards. And although this is an awesome addition, remember that for a true bohemian flair, the opportunities of colors and styles are endless.

Bright Colors

Bright pillows
As with your indoor space, a few bright designed pillows can dramatically change the look of your outdoor space. Add one or five in various designs and colors for extra comfort and flair. Look for different sizes, so you can throw a few on the floor as well.

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