Monsoon Gardening Tips

Hi all! Iam sure you all must be enjoying rainy days. Monsoon is the liveliest season that you can experience during the year. It comes with the most wonderful and exotic colours that you would not find in any other season. Monsoon is also the best season in which you can decorate your garden and backyard area in a truly amazing manner. There are some many things that you can do during this season. You can purchase colourful and amazing plants and other accessories like artificial ponds and fountains for enhancing the look of the area. If you truly want to decorate you garden and outdoors during the rainy season, then below stated are some of the best tips and tricks that you can use.

Best plants for the monsoon months

Monsoon plants.jpg

Glory lily is one of the best plants that you can install in your garden during the monsoon months.

Water hyacinths are the best solution for you if you really want to make your garden area look amazingly beautiful.

Indigo plant is the most common plant that you would see during the monsoon season.

Blue Ipomoea are great for your backyard area. You do not have to undergo a lot of trouble in maintaining these plants in their appropriate condition.

Some general tips and ideas for Monsoon gardening


There are some trees that grow at a rapid rate during this season. If you install them in your garden then they would surely make the area look more beautiful and airy.

You can also make your garden look more beautiful by arranging the trees in a straight line.

If you have plenty of room in your garden then you can install small garden accessories like ponds and waterfall in your backyard.

Birdbaths can also be installed in this season.

You can set all your plants outside to make them more healthy and beautiful.

Enjoy monsoon and have a great weekend!

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