Give A New Look To Your Pots With The Art Of Paint

Hi all! I hope you enjoyed weekend and had fun. I just want to know that when was the last time you painted and made awesome craft? I am sure you don’t remember. Well don’t worry. This time you can do crazy stuff with colors and expect tremendous outcome. Iam talking about arcylic paint pots. They are fun, easy and above all artistic ability is not at all required. The most important thing about this project is to protect your work surface area and keep everything handy before you start doing painting job.

Note: Use terracotta plants for painting. Terracotta pots are inexpensive, come in a variety of sizes.

List Of Items:
Clay pots
Primary spray paint
Arcylic paint( different colors)
Spray bottle of water
Plastic-lined bucket

Method To Do:

1: First and foremost thing is to protect your your work surface area with newspaper and then spray clay pot with primer and allow it to dry.

2: In your second step, pour arcylic paint into a bucket and add water to thin the paint then stir to mix.

3: Here comes the exciting part. Dip the  pot in a bucket and you will see the amazing patterns of colors on your pot.

4: Once you are done with this process, set the pot upright. Keep the pot over newpaper and start spritzing water on it. Allow the paint to run. Remember that you do paint pot evenly to get an overall marbeled touch.

5: Allow it to dry and after 2-3 days you can use it for planting flowers.

Brighten your porch or terrace with your painting skills that are guaranteed to be unique each time. You can also try Bring Newness In The Kitchen This Summer With DIY Acrylic Serving Board.


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