DIY Customized Door Mat

I am sure you all love door mats. I just love buying new door mats and I am found of trying DIY mat projects. What could be better than monogrammed door mat DIY project to add the value to your home? Today we will learn to make a monogrammed door mat.

Supplies You Need:
Leopard spots stencil
A Plain door mat
A Piece of poster board
A Letter for monogram
Spray paint
How To Make

Stenciled mat letter cut out.jpg
Make a big letter word G on a poster board. Cut out the letter leaving open G in the centre of poster board.

Stenciled mat  painted G.jpg
Place the poster G on the mat. You can use tape to firmly fix the poster on the mat. Now spray up under the edges of the stencil. Spray over the word G.

Stenciled mat painted box.jpg
If you want a border around your initial make a cut of the poster board and spray it around the border.

Stenciled mat cheetah stencil.jpg
To add cute pattern, cover the mat with a stencil. To protect your monogrammed cover it with poster board cut out. Now all you have to do is spray over the stencil design.
And your new door mat is ready to welcome guests.

Stenciled mat full front door.jpg
You can try any monogram and stencil design. It is totally up to you.

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