Pillow Craft Work To Decor Any Room

Hi all! I hope you had an excited and wonderful weekend. This weekend has been amazing for me and I have learned some amazing home projects. And, I am sure you will love them too. Today I will show you how to turn your plain pillow into an interesting decor piece. This is such an easy project and it produce awesome results. The main element to complish this project is freezer paper. With this method you can turn anything into a stencil.

Things You Require:

Cutting mat or board
Computer & printer with paper
Fabric for the project for stencil
Freezer paper


How To Make:
Print out pattern of bird and branch. It is better to choose images with thicker lines and easier shapes rather than trying too complicated.
Take your printout & tape it to the top of the NON-shiny side of a piece of freezer paper. Lay your pattern & paper over a cutting mat or thick cardboard.
Next, take an X-acto knife & cut out the design, making sure to cut all the way through the freezer paper. When you’re done with this, you’ll have your freezer paper stencil!
Now use a hot, dry iron to iron the freezer paper to your chosen fabric. Make sure you iron shiny side down.
Now you’re ready to paint! Use your favorite color of craft paint & simply paint in the stencil.
Once the paint is dry, peel it off carefully & admire the results!



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