Easy To Make DIY Fur Pillow

Hi all! I hope you like my recent blog on Pillow Craft Work To Decor Any Room. I am sure you have tried and beautfied your home with that piece of art. Today, again I have chosen pillow cover project. This time it is completely different and and I am sure you will try it too.

All You Need For Project:

  • A Pillow Cover
  • Faux Fur
  • Hot Glue Gun

Steps To Do 

fur pillow 2.jpg

  • Cut fur lengthwise into 4” wide strips from backwards. Make it 45″ long, and two of those were enough to go around one pillow cover.

fur pillow 3.jpg

  • Beginning just over the end of the zipper, use hot glue to affix the edge of the fur to the edge of the cover. Continue gluing all the way around, until you get to the other end of the zipper.  When you get to a corner, you’ll want to give yourself a little extra length as you’re turning to make the corner nice and full (don’t make the fur too tight around the corners).

fur pillow 4.jpg

  • After you’ve finished that, flip the pillow over, fold the fur strip closed around the edge of the pillow, and glue that side down all the way around.

fur pillow 5.jpg

  • Here’s what you’ll have left after you’ve glued all the way around, except for the zipper.

fur pillow 6.jpg

  • Cut a piece of the strip you have left over that is the length of the part that’s still unfinished.  Fold it wrong side together and glue it closed.

fur pillow 7.jpg

  • Glue that strip down to the front of the pillow, following the same seam that you did around the rest of the pillow.  Try to hold the hair back the best you can as you’re gluing it down to the cover, so you’re gluing as close to the edge of the fur as possible.

fur pillow 7

  • Here’s what the back will look like when you’re finished.  From the front, it looks like one continuous piece but you can still open the back to put in the pillow insert.

fur pillow 8.jpg

  • When you’re finished gluing, take the cover outside and shake it out really well to remove all of the loose fur that will be covering everything.  😉  Stuff with your old pillow insert, fluff it up a little, give a makeover to your pillows and you’re finished!

fur pillow 9.jpg

Don’t forget to post your views.


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