DIY Hanging Bed For Your Porch

Hi all! I hope you are having a great time. I am back with new idea and inspiration. I am sure you will love and enjoy this fun outdoor DIY project. It is an easy to make hanging bed and  you would love to  relax on the hanging bed in your free time.

Things You Need:

Extra Twin Bed
Four 3/8″ Lag Thread Screw Hook
Four Hook/Hook Turnbuckles
Four Eye Bolt Screw Thread
Four 8′ pieces of thick chain
Drill bits

How To Make:

Start by drilling a pilot hole in the tops of your twin bedframe.  Make sure the drill bit is smaller than your hooks – so it can grip and hold strong. Twist in the lag thread screw hooks until the threading is all inside the wood.

Drill pilot holes onto the tops of our pergola posts.  Then twist in the eye bolt screws into those holes.  Attach the hook/hook turnbuckles to the eye bolt screws in the tops of the pergola.

Then take the 8′ chains and connect everything. Keep bright colored pillows on the bed and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Such a fun spot to enjoy!

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